Terms of Use

Update Time:May 24th, 2021

Please take the time to read carefully and fully understand the following terms and conditions, especially those concerning exemption or limitation of liability, dispute resolution and application of law. The exemption or limitation of liability will be shown in bold, which you may pay close attention to.

Welcome to visit the website of TDB Online Exhibition: https://www.tdbexpo.com/ (hereinafter referred to as the "Website").This User Service Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") applies to your access to and use of the Site and related mobile sites (including the version of the Site identified by the Uniform Resource Locator "https://www.tdbexpo.com/" and the corresponding version optimized for mobile devices).This Agreement is a legally binding agreement between you (hereinafter referred to as "You" or "User") and the Foreign Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce (hereinafter referred to as "We" or "TDB").The aforementioned "users" include exhibitor users and purchaser users

1. Application and Acceptance of this Agreement

1.1 Your visiting to the Website and use the various tools, contents and services provided by TDB ("TDB services"), including but not limited to the visit and login, the browsing and use of the content, uploading, displaying exhibits, decorating online shops, [live streaming], online marketing, and registering accounts, inquiring of exhibits, inquiry communication and other behaviors indicate that you have fully read, understood and voluntarily accepted all the contents of this Agreement and are bound by it. If you do not accept the content of this agreement, you shall immediately stop visiting the Website and / or using the TDB services.

1.2 This Agreement include the body and the privacy policy, cookies policy, exhibit upload policy, disclaimer, copyright notice and any other rules, policies, statements, notices, warnings, tips and instructions ("TDB rules") issued by the Website from time to time. The above rules are an integral part of this Agreement and have the same legal effect

1.3 If, according to the laws of the People's Republic of China and / or other applicable laws (including the laws of your resident country / region): (1) you do not have the full capacity for civil rights and the capacity to conduct the civil acts you are engaged in, and you have not obtained the consent of your legal guardian for accessing the Website and using TDB services, or (2) you are prohibited from visiting and / or using the Website. Then you may not be allowed to visit the website and / or use TDB services. Otherwise, you and / or your guardian shall bear all consequences arising therefrom, and we have the right to cancel your account and claim against you and / or your guardian. If you use TDB services on behalf of an enterprise, organization or other legal entity, you may acclaim and warrant that you have been fully authorized to use TDB services on behalf of the enterprise, organization or legal entity and are bound by this agreement.

1.4 We may amend or update this Agreement in whole or in part at any time and any amendment or update will take effect at the time of its publication. The changed agreement will be published on the Website. You may browse this Agreement regularly to see the changes. If you continue to visit the website or use TDB services after the change, it is considered that you agree the amended or updated Agreement. If you do not agree to the changes, you shall immediately stop visiting the Website or using TDB services.

1.5 If an English version of this Agreement is published or provided, you shall agree that the English version is for your convenience to read only. In case of any inconsistency between the English version and the Chinese version, the Chinese version shall prevail.

2. Accounts and Services

2.1 Exhibitors

2.1.1 Exhibitors can log in to the Website and use TDB services through TDB Exhibitor Easy Access Account ("Exhibitor's Account").

2.1.2 Exhibitor's Account be logged in for the first time should be verified by SMS of the reserved or filled in mobile phone number. Exhibitor users can set up sub accounts to maintain exhibition materials, adjust display templates, and provide online consulting services. However, the sub account is limited to the operation of Exhibitor's Account.

2.2 Overseas Purchasers

2.2.1 Overseas purchasers can log in to the Website by registering a new account, an existing TDB system account or a third-party social media account.(Information must be added as required)

2.2.2 Overseas purchasers can click the "Personal Center" at the bottom right of the page to view the information of the followed enterprises, the negotiated enterprises, the enterprises have made appointments, the requirements of the purchasers published, TDB e-pass and points, etc. after registration and login.

2.2.3 Overseas purchasers can only browse the home page of the Website before login. Live broadcasting room, publishing purchasing information, contacting enterprises, and making online negotiation appointment can only be conducted after login.

2.2.4 Important purchasers enjoy online VIP service with a special account and 24-hour artificial intelligence response.

2.3 Domestic Purchasers

2.3.1 Domestic purchasers may register personal account with mobile phone number, or enterprise account with mobile phone number, business license and enterprise legal representative ID card number. Personal accounts can be associated with corresponding enterprise accounts when ID card and personal business card information be updated on the website.

2.3.2 Personal account authority of domestic purchasers without associated enterprise account includes:

(1) Watch exhibits and live streaming;

(2) Use the function of virtual exhibition hall;

(3) Inquire the exhibitor's display;

(4) Select the live subtitle language.

2.3.3 Enterprise account of domestic purchaser and personal account associated with enterprise authority includes:

(1) Initiate communication with exhibitors in the live broadcast room;

(2) Make inquiries (including instant communication, message, email, third-party video platform, social media, etc.);

(3) Supply and purchase synergy (purchasers accurately match the exhibits according to their purchasing needs).

(4) Obtain the credit label (enterprise accounts show the industry, business type and region according to the registration data. Personal accounts show their business information).

(5) Visit the historical inquiry records (the Website will automatically record the footprints of the purchasers browsing the participating enterprises, and the purchasers can mark the enterprises they intend to purchase and generate a list).

(6) Follow the live broadcasting room of enterprises (purchasers can follow the live broadcasting room of exhibitors and get the latest information flow of the live streaming).

(7) Get reminders of important activities (purchasers can mark the important activities of TDB and get the prompts pushed by the Website according to the activity time).

2.4 We will review your registration information, and may refuse your registration application for any reason, restrict or block the account that fails to pass the audit after your applying for an account.

2.5 When registering, using and managing the account, you shall guarantee that the materials you submit or the information are true, accurate and complete. According to the applicable Chinese laws and regulations, you may fill in the true identity information in order to use some functions of TDB services. Please complete the real name authentication in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, and pay attention to the timely update of the above-mentioned information. If we find or have reasonable grounds to suspect that the materials or information provided are untrue, inaccurate, incomplete or illegal, we have the right to refuse your registration application or stop providing services. You may not be able to use TDB services or some functions may be restricted.

2.6 You shall ensure that you are not the one who are under trade restrictions, sanctions or other laws and regulations imposed by any country, international organization or region, otherwise you may not be able to register and use TDB services.

2.7 You may only keep the right to use the account and shall not transfer, lease, sell or authorize the account to any third party. If we find or have reason to believe that the user is not the initial registrant of the account, we have the right to immediately suspend or terminate the service provided to the registered account and disable the account permanently.

2.8 You hold the responsibility to maintain the security and confidentiality of your account and password, and bear all legal responsibilities for the activities you undertake in the name of your registered account. You shall attach great importance to the confidentiality of your account and password which shall not be disclosed under any circumstances. If you find that someone else uses your account without permission or any other security vulnerability occurs, you shall immediately inform us and change your password. If there any reason to suspect that a third party holds your password, we have the right to block your account or take other necessary measures for security purposes before the situation is clarified. You understand and agree that we shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of or in connection with any activity carried out by any unauthorized person or data disclosure of user account information.

2.9 You shall understand and agree that TDB services is provided according to the current technology and conditions. We will do our best to provide services to you to ensure the continuity and security of services. You shall understand that we may not foresee and guard against legal, technical and other risks at any time or all the time, including but not limited to service interruption caused by force majeure, network, third-party service defects, third-party website and other reasons, failure to access the Website or use TDB services as well as other losses and risks.

2.10 You shall understand and agree that, in order to secure overall service operation and platform operation safety, we have the right to determine the setting and scope of services / functions, modify, interrupt, suspend or terminate all or part of the functions or services of the Website.

3. Protection of User Information 

3.1 We may collect, use, save, share, transfer, publicly disclose and protect your personal information, including but not limited to your name, mobile phone number, email address, etc. in strict accordance with our privacy policy. Please take the time to read Privacy Policy carefully.

3.2 You shall understand and agree that we will collect other information other than your personal information through the Website or TDB services, including but not limited to enterprise information, live data, exhibition and negotiation platform data, etc.; we may indirectly obtain the above-mentioned data from a third party; we may conduct statistical analysis on the information directly or indirectly collected to optimize the exhibition, live streaming, pushing, or any usage within proper range. We may disclose such information or share it with a third party in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, legal procedures, mandatory requirements of relevant government agencies and the needs of providing services to you.

4. Third-party Websites and Applications 

4.1 The Website may contain links to external websites. Users shall carefully read the terms and conditions and privacy policy of these external websites. We do not assume any responsibility for the authenticity, legality or security (including data disclosure, etc.) of external websites, and we have no connection with or represent such hyperlinks or websites.

4.2 In addition to complying with TDB rules, you shall agree to and comply with the third party's agreements or rules while visiting the Website or use the services provided by a third party. In case of disputes, losses or damages arising from third-party applications, software and related services, you shall settle them with the third party, and we shall not be liable to you or any third party for this.

5. User Code of Conduct

5.1 General Code of Conduct

You agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations when accessing the Website and using TDB services, and are responsible for your behavior. When visiting the Website and / or use TDB services, you are not allowed to:

(1) Counterfeiting any person or entity, distorting their affiliation with any person or entity;

(2) Illegal intrusion into the network, interference with the normal function of the network, stealing network data and other activities endangering network security;

(3) Providing programs and tools that are specially used to invade the network, interfere with the normal functions and protective measures of the network, steal network data and other activities endangering network security;

(4) Deliberately providing technical support, advertising promotion, payment and settlement and other help to those who are engaged in activities endangering network security;

(5) Using any plug-in, system or third-party tool without our authorization or permission to control, interfere, destroy, modify or exert other influence on the normal operation of the Website and TDB services;

(6) Using unauthorized data or access to unauthorized servers / accounts;

(7) Deleting, modifying or adding data and application programs stored, processed or transmitted in the information network without permission;

(8) Deliberately making and spreading computer virus and other destructive programs;

(9) Other behaviors that violate laws and regulations, rules, policies, normative documents, this Agreement and infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of others.

5.2 Upload Specification of Exhibits

Exhibitor users who upload exhibits through the Website shall comply with applicable laws and regulations and the "Exhibits Upload Policy". Exhibitor users shall take the time to read the Exhibit Upload Policy.

5.3 information content display specification

The information you produce, copy, publish and disseminate shall meet the requirements of applicable laws and regulations. You shall agree and undertake not to produce, reproduce, publish or disseminate the following information:

(1) Opposing the basic principles established in the Constitution of the People's Republic of China;

(2) Endangering the national security of the People's Republic of China, divulging the state secrets of the People's Republic of China, subverting the state power of the People's Republic of China and undermining the national unity of the People's Republic of China;

(3) Damaging the national honor and interests of the People's Republic of China;

(4) Instigating national hatred and discrimination of the People's Republic of China and undermining the national unity of the People's Republic of China;

(5) Undermining the state religious policy of the People's Republic of China and propagating heresy and feudal superstition;

(6) Spreading rumors, disturbing social order and destroying social stability;

(7) Spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or abetting crimes;

(8) Insulting or slandering others and infringing upon their legitimate rights and interests;

(9) Distort, vilify, blaspheme or negate the deeds and spirits of heroic martyrs, and infringe upon the names, portraits, reputation and honor of heroic martyrs by insulting, slandering or other means;

(10) Propagating terrorism or extremism or inciting to carry out terrorist or extremist activities;

(11) Damaging the reputation of state institutions of the People's Republic of China;

(12) Any information about fake and shoddy goods or services, including but not limited to commodities infringing intellectual property rights of others, commodities not conforming to relevant national or industrial standards, false services, etc;

(13) Other information that violates applicable laws, regulations, policies, public order and good customs, interferes with the normal operation of the Website, or infringes upon the legitimate rights and interests of other users or third parties;

(14) Any direct or indirect links to any other website, including any content that may be in breach of this Agreement;

(15) Displaying the information of other exhibitions, professional wholesale markets or other e-commerce websites providing seller registration and third-party trade matching platform in any form on the Website;

(16) Carrying out any form of publicity activities for other exhibitions, professional wholesale markets or e-commerce platforms on the Website.

5.4 Information and Content Usage Specification

Without prior written permission, no user is allowed to or authorize, permit and assist others to conduct the following behaviors on the Website and TDB services (including but not limited to exhibitor information, exhibits information, purchaser information and statistical data):

(1) Copying, downloading, reading, compiling and adopting the information and content of the Website and TDB services for commercial purposes including but not limited to publicity, increasing reading and browsing volume;

(2) Displaying the information and content in channels other than the Website and TDB services source page after editing and arranging those information and contents of the Website and TDB services without authorization;

(3) Adopting any form of identification methods including but not limited to special identification and special code, etc., and helping the third party to have adverse effects on the information content of the Website and TDB services, such as traffic, reading volume guidance, transfer, hijacking, etc.

(4) Directly or indirectly stealing the video, text and other information and content of the Website or TDB services in any way (including but not limited to stealing chain, redundant stealing, illegal grabbing, obtaining by data crawler technology, simulated download, deep link, fake registration, etc.), or deleting or changing right management information in any way (including but not limited to hiding or modifying domain name, platform specific logo, user name, etc.) 

(5) Other illegal acquisition or use of the Website and TDB services information content.

5.5 Advertising

5.5.1Users of participating enterprises shall ensure that the contents of advertisements are true and accurate, without false or misleading contents, and comply with the Advertising Law of the People's Republic of China, Anti- Unfair Competition Law and other applicable laws and regulations when using the Website to carry out advertising.

5.5.2 Advertisements shall not have the following circumstances:

(1) Using or disguised using the national flag, national anthem, national emblem, military flag, military anthem and military emblem of the People's Republic of China;

(2) Using or disguised using the names or images of state institutions and staff of the People's Republic of China;

(3) Using "national", "most advanced", "the best" and other terms;

(4) Impairing the dignity or interests of the People's Republic of China and divulging state secrets of the People's Republic of China;

(5) Damaging social stability and public interests;

(6) Endangering personal and property safety and divulging personal privacy;

(7) Hindering public order or violating social customs;

(8) Containing obscenity, pornography, gambling, superstition, terror and violence;

(9) Containing the contents of national, racial, religious and gender discrimination;

(10) Hindering the protection of the environment, natural resources or cultural heritage;

(11) Other circumstances prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.

5.5.3 Advertisements on medical treatment, drugs, medical devices, pesticides, veterinary drugs and health food, as well as other advertisements that shall be reviewed according to applicable laws and administrative regulations, shall review by the advertising examination institutions; they shall not be published without examination.

5.5.4 Purchaser users shall understand and agree that during your visit to the Website and the use of TDB services, we may push relevant exhibitors, exhibits or advertising information to you.

5.5.5 Purchasers shall judge the authenticity and reliability of the advertisement or promotion information and be responsible for its own judgment. Unless otherwise specified by laws and regulations, you shall be responsible for the negotiation, transaction or damage or loss caused by the above contents due to the advertisement or promotion information, and we shall not be responsible for it.

6. Intellectual Property Rights

6.1 You shall carefully read and be bound by our copyright notice if you visit the Website and use TDB services.

6.2 We hold the intellectual property rights or legal licensee of the Website and TDB services content (including but not limited to software, technology, program, web page, text, picture, image, audio, video, chart, layout, electronic document, etc.). Without permission, no one is allowed to use (including but not limited to monitoring, copying, disseminating, displaying, mirroring, uploading, downloading with robots, “spider”, python or any other programs and devices) the content of the Website and TDB services.

6.3 You shall not allowed to use our products under any circumstances, including but not limited to any trademark, service mark, trade name, domain name, website name or other significant brand characteristics such as “https://www.tdbexpo.com/”, (hereinafter referred to as "logos"). Without prior written permission, you shall not be allowed to display, use or apply for the registration of trademarks, domain name registration, etc. in any single or combined manner, or express or imply to others that you have the right to display, use, or deal with such logos. You shall take the whole responsibility of all the losses caused by the above trademark usage.

6.4 You shall understand and promise that the content you upload, publish or transmit (including but not limited to text, pictures, video, audio and other forms of content and all components including music, sound, lines, visual design, dialogue, etc.) when you use the Website and TDB services, are original or have been legally authorized (including sublicense). The intellectual property rights of the content you upload and publish through the Website belong to you or the original copyright owner.



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